The PVC2024 Conference, organised by the Institute of Materials (IOM), was held in April 2024. It was convened in Edinburgh, Scotland, marking the event’s first-ever staging in this historic city. Renowned for its pivotal role in advancing dialogue, research and networking within the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sector, PVC2024 welcomed over 400 delegates from across the globe. 

PVC industry report 

The chief executive officer of the South African Vinyls Association (SAVA), Monique Holtzhausen-Hinds, presented a paper on the market trends and state of the PVC industry in South Africa. She expressed her enthusiasm, stating: “This was a highlight event that was very insightful. There is a lot of interest in South Africa and our counterparts are eager to hear what we are doing in South Africa – both from a sustainability point of view, but also to do business with local companies.” 


Collaborative discussions 

Over the course of three days, a diverse array of topics was explored, spanning the latest developments in additives, stabilisers, pigmentation and weathering to manufacturing processes, circular economy initiatives, strategic directions and global market trends. The conference served as a platform for sharing cutting-edge research, fostering collaboration and addressing the challenges and opportunities facing the PVC industry worldwide. 


Key presentations highlighted the industry’s commitment to sustainability and circularity, with discussions on PVC chemical recycling and product stewardship schemes for vinyl flooring, amongst others. These initiatives underscored the industry’s proactive approach to addressing environmental concerns and driving positive change. 


There is a lot of interest in the SAVA report on South Africa, both from a sustainability point of view and to do business with local companies.

Reflecting on the future of the PVC industry, Holtzhausen-Hinds remarked: “It is clear that the topic of circularity and sustainability is a major focus, with many exciting inventions and developments taking place around the world in the PVC industry.”  

Despite the challenges ahead, the mood at PVC2024 was one of optimism and determination, with participants eager to harness innovation and collaboration to shape a brighter future for the PVC sector. 


Fostering global collaboration in the PVC industry, SAVA presented a paper at the PVC2024 Conference in Edinburgh. 


For more information, contact SAVA: 

Tel: +27 21 531 0313 / +27 71 083 5219 

Email: CEO@savinyls.co.za 

Website: www.savinyls.co.za 

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