Sarma membership explodes

by Darren
Sarma membership

Ready-mix concrete suppliers are urged to supply an accredited service and product offering.


The large-scale uptake of ready-mix concrete in favour of site batching and mixing has led to a massive increase in concrete suppliers seeking membership with the Southern Africa Ready-mix Association (Sarma).

The association’s adherence to international standards and the comprehensive accreditation process of all its members have struck a chord with the country’s leading construction firms, who are increasingly insisting on using ready-mix from Sarma-accredited members only. This has given rise to better levels of professionalism within the industry, and is driving competition among ready-mix suppliers to constantly improve service and product offerings.

The general manager of Sarma, Johan van Wyk, says the overall effect is a positive one for the construction industry, as the move to use professionally mixed and supplied concrete frees construction firms from time-consuming and wasteful onsite mixing practices. Professionally mixed concrete also provides them with the assurance that the quality of concrete remains consistent.

“The construction industry has been under pressure lately and has finally come to the realisation that quality materials and speed of construction make the difference between good and bad business, or profit and loss,” Van Wyk states.

“While ready-mix concrete is becoming the construction material of choice, we are finding that there are more and more entrants into the market, many of whom are ill-experienced and others who are just looking to make a quick buck. For this reason we feel it is important for professional suppliers of ready-mix concrete to get accredited and join our association.”

Sarma continuously engages with all professional bodies, government and the private sector to raise awareness that Sarma accreditation means members adhere to local legislation, as well as internationally vetted quality, health, safety and environmental standards. Members are also regularly audited to prove compliance.

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Email: johan@sarma.co.za
Website: www.sarma.co.za

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