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How often do we look up, and admire the ceiling inside a building? The aesthetic and acoustic role played by a ceiling cannot be underestimated, which is why Saint-Gobain Ecophon™ is continually developing products and systems that contribute to a good working environment by enhancing peoples’ wellbeing and performance.
Ecophon Focus™, an existing range within the Ecophon family, now offers an improved range making up its most comprehensive product family to date. With a wide variety of design options with the flexibility to choose colours, edges, panel sizes and grid visibility, Ecophon Focus™ offers suspended wall to wall ceilings that cater to both the visual and acoustic needs of an indoor environment.

Ecophon Focus™ offers a range of ten edges, 11 sizes, 16 colours and a further six unique additional solutions for stylish level changes, wall endings and free hanging ceilings. The large sizes are unique on the market and only offered by Ecophon.

With roots in Swedish design tradition, this range enables elements to be perfectly aligned with the overall design and indoor architecture, whether the choice is for Ecophon Focus™ to seamlessly blend in by following the lines and shapes of the room or to make a statement by creating an eye catching feature by emphasising colours and lines.

To enable people to perform to the best of their ability, every indoor environment must be designed to suit what the needs of that space are, whether it is an open-plan office, classroom or hospital ward. This is why Ecophon has developed Activity Based Acoustic Design – a method for acoustically designing indoor environments. This formula assists in defining the needs of an interior space based on three perspectives, namely:

Activity – What will people do within this space? Will they be on the phone, working on their computers or engaging in team activities?
People –How many will be using this space and who are they? Are there any special needs that need to be taken into account?
Space – What is the area size of the space and its location within the building and what building materials have been used?

By defining the needs of the space, solutions can then be achieved by using a combination of high-quality acoustic elements.

Adding to the flexibility of this range is Connect™ – Ecophon’s unique grid system in galvanised steel with excellent load bearing capacity. The various Ecophon Focus™ products can make the grid visible, partly visible or concealed and are available in white grey or black.

Lastly the updated colour range includes sixteen colours inspired by nature. Akutex ™ FT is a unique and superior surface developed by Ecophon with great light reflector properties and, in combination with the glass wool, provides optimal acoustics. The Akutex™ FT label carries a guarantee that the product contains superior surface technology.

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About Ecophon®

Ecophon is the leading supplier of acoustic solutions. We contribute to healthier indoor environments, improving quality of life, wellbeing and working performance. As evolution has adapted the human senses to a life outdoors, our focus is to bring the ideal acoustic environments of nature into our modern indoor spaces. We know they will have a sound effect on people. The principles guiding our work are grounded in our Swedish heritage, where a human approach and a common responsibility for people’s lives and future challenges come naturally. Ecophon is part of the Saint-Gobain Group, a world leader in sustainable habitat solutions. This is also one of the top 100 industrial groups in the world, constantly innovating to make living spaces more comfortable and cost-efficient. Saint-Gobain offer solutions to the major challenges of energy efficiency and environmental protection. No matter what new needs emerge in the habitat and construction markets, the future is made of Saint-Gobain