SAIA Limpopo honours regional architecture

by Tania Wannenburg
SAIA Limpopo honours architecture Jnl 1 16

Floating roof of the Makhado Home Affairs building honoured at the SAIA Limpopo Biannual Regional Awards 2015.

The Makhado Department of Home Affairs building, designed by Wicus Pretorius Architects, won the GRS / Building & Décor Innovative Steel Roof Award at the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA) Limpopo Biannual Regional Awards.

This special award was presented for the first time at the SAIA Limpopo year-end function in November 2015.

The government building’s Brownbuilt Klip-Lok roof, installed by Makhado Roof Trusses, projects out over the public entrance of the building to provide shelter over the queuing area outside. The awards panel commended the raised floating roof for allowing abundant natural daylight and ventilation into the space below.

They also applauded the large roof overhangs that shade the windows from direct sunlight and resultant heat gain. Heat build-up is effectively dealt with through the high volume of the space coupled with remotely openable opposing north and southern clerestory windows, which facilitate cross ventilation and convectional air flow through the building.

“This simple but effective roof design is not only commendable from a environmentally sustainable design perspective, but provides the building and its main interior space with interesting and aesthetically pleasing architectural character,” the panel commented.

Besides the special award, three projects were honoured with SAIA Limpopo Regional Awards for Architecture.
The winners were:
1.    New residence in Cyferfontein Estate, Bela-Bela – Larson Architects.
2.    Wildswinkel Head Office, Bela-Bela – Kapperer Architects.
3.    Wits Rural Facility, Bushbuckridge – Kate Otten Architects.

The Biannual Regional Awards allowed entries of projects completed in the period between 1 January 2013 and 31 December 2014.

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