Safety rubber flooring for a variety of applications

by Madelein
Safety rubber flooring for a variety of applications

Caring for your most prized possessions, such as your children, pets and equipment, starts with investing in the right type of flooring. Playsafe’s safety rubber flooring not only gives you the peace of mind that goes along with knowing that anything from machinery to a fragile body cannot be harmed during a trip or skid, it also adheres to a number of regulatory standards.

Who is investing in safety rubber flooring?
Safety Rubber flooring is something that is growing in popularity in crèches and daycare centres. Another popular application is horse riding schools, as these institutions are finding that safety rubber flooring is suitable for horses that are not shoed, it offers fall protection to riders, is easy to clean and does not hold odour.

As a designer or specifier, you need to guide your clients to invest in flooring that is not only durable and aesthetically pleasing, but also has their best interests at heart. Playsafe branded flooring, which is distributed by Seamless Flooring in South Africa, is the way to achieve these goals.

What does SA standards say about safety flooring?
SANS 51177:2010 states that beneath all playground equipment with a free fall height of more than 60cm and/or equipment causing a forced movement on the body of the user – e.g. swings, slides, rocking equipment, cable ways and carousels – there must be impact protection surfacing over the impact area.

Playsafe impact protection slabs adhere to the South African standard (SANS 51177:2010) for critical fall height which is identical in implementation to, and a direct adoption of the international EN Standard 1177:2008. This is a minimum standard imposed by the “Duty of Care” law that is applicable to all public playgrounds, schools, municipalities, entertainment centres, nursery schools etc., where a 3rd party is involved, regardless of whether there is supervision.

In the event of an injury or the death of a minor in a playground as the result of a fall, the organisation with a certified Playsafe floor would use the SANS standard as protection against compensation litigation.

The Act states that surfaces that do not comply with the Act are: grass; artificial grass with or without sand; cement / clay pavers and tar surfacing; plain natural surfaces such as ground and soil.

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