Safety first

by Tania Wannenburg
Safety first Builders1

Safety tips from Builders on how to avoid accidents and keep a workplace safe.

An accident happens in an instant, but can have long-term effects. Power tools are especially dangerous in careless hands, so Builders highlights the following safety guidelines:

Must-have kit
    Safety boots or shoes with non-slip soles.
    Protective gloves for handling rough wood, metal and more.
    Rubber gloves for handling toxic materials.
    Dust mask or respirator for dust and other potentially airway and lung-irritating materials, such as insulation or anything with fumes such as paint and glues.
    First-aid kit.
    Fire extinguisher.
    Goggles or safety glasses.
    Earplugs or earmuffs.
Don’t just have the kit, use it!

Avoid accidents in the workshop
Keep work areas tidy so that workers won’t trip, slip, stumble or drop things. Also keep the space well ventilated to prevent inhaling fumes, sawdust and other irritants.

Tools need to be sharp and stored in a clean, dry place. When not in use, power tools must be unplugged with the cord out of the way.

In addition, ensure that clothing doesn’t get in the way by buttoning up jackets and rolling up sleeves.

Storing chemicals
Chemicals should be clearly labelled and stored on a high shelf or in a locked cabinet, out of reach of children and pets. Also keep them away from open flames.

Tel: 0860 284 533
Website: www.builders.co.za


Safety gear from Builders

Afrox 20/PK Dust Mask FF1 and FF2
A disposable, lightweight and comfortable maintenance dust mask.
Use when exposed to dust, silica, coal, lead, glass fibre and zinc oxide.
Price: R130*

Safety first Builders4
Evrigard Cut-Resistant Gloves
These gloves adhere to the EN 388 standard for resistance to abrasion, blade cuts, tearing and puncturing on levels 3 and 5.
Sizes: 8 to 10
Price: R80 per pair*

Safety first Builders 5

Classic Earmuff
Super-light with maximum flexibility and dexterity, this earmuff has low pressure pads and an adjustable headband. It is stretchable, has a breathable coating and is silicone-free.
Price: R30*

Safety first Builders3

Bata Industrial Sabre Boot
These boots have steel toecaps and is oil- and solvent-resistant.
Accessories used for display are excluded.
Sizes: 5 to 12
Price: R260 per pair*

*Pictured in main photo

Brickz Safety Sneaker
Comprise an outer rubber sole and toecap, as well as an inner steel toecap and Brickz cool system lining.
Sizes: 5 to 12
Price: R750 per pair*

Safety first Builders 2

*Prices are valid until 7 August 2016, while stocks last.
More options may be available in stores.

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