SACAP’s online system is a step forward

by Tania Wannenburg

SACAP’s new YM online system is streamlining its registration process, improving communication with its stakeholders and is the green way to go.

In its quest to become more accessible to its stakeholders, the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) has introduced a new online system, Your Membership (YM), during its previous financial year.

Not only did YM improve the registration process for architects, technologists and draughtspersons, but it also created a paperless environment for communication, bringing SACAP up to date with global practice and supporting the architectural profession’s trajectory in operating more sustainably.

The system allows users to update, upload and download information in real time. Members can manage a dynamic profile, collaborate on projects, share ideas and expertise and connect with fellow professionals.

The Online Monthly Training Records (MTR) module makes it easier for candidates to submit work projects and for mentors to assess these, leading to better management of candidate programs.

The YM feature for online certificate generation not only saves time, but means less postage and printing costs, coupled to enabling Registered Persons (RPs) to print their CPD certificates on demand.

Since its launch, YM has been fine-tuned, making it more user-friendly and interactive. The system has also been designed so that modules can be built onto the system, in line with requirements.

Tried and tested
The 2015 CPD Renewal Cycle was the first cycle completed on the YM online system, with great success. During this cycle, a total of 32 747 CPD claims were evaluated and approved in a record time thanks to the introduction of the YM system.

Professionals were notified via e-mail to update their CPD information on the YM platform, and a large number of professionals who did not previously submit their CPD claim forms successfully logged their credits for the past years. Invoices for the renewal of registration were also issued via YM.

As part of the initiative to encourage all architectural professionals to register or re-register and keep their profiles up to date, the number of registered professionals increased from 8 919 in 2013/14 to 10 525 in the 2014/15 financial year.

Part of SACAP’s transformation objective is to also encourage more women to choose a career in the architectural profession. Currently, there are only 2 405 registered female professionals compared to 8 120 male professionals.

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Website: www.sacapsa.com

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