SA waterstops in two major African hydro plants

by Ofentse Sefolo
SA waterstops in two major African hydro plants

a.b.e. Construction Chemicals, part of the Chryso Southern Africa Group, is supplying durajoint waterstops for use in the construction of two major international hydroelectric power projects. The durajoint PVC waterstops were specified for the Kafue Gorge Lower (KGL) hydroelectric power station near Lusaka, Zambia, and for the Farahantsana hydroelectric dam near Antanarivo, Madagascar.

Zambia’s KGL power station
For the KGL project, a.b.e./Chryso distributor, Mart Solutions, supplied about 22 000 linear metres of durajoint 300mm centre-bulb waterstops for the 4 470m long headrace and 12,8m wide diversion tunnels, surge chambers and powerhouse. KGL will be the third-largest hydroelectric power station in Zambia on completion.

Hydro power for Madagascar
The Farahantsana hydroelectric dam is also being supplied with about 5 000 linear metres of a.b.e durajoint 300mm centre-bulb waterstops by Mauvilac Artipo, the a.b.e./Chryso distributor in Madagascar in conjunction with Chryso Mascareignes in Reunion. A consortium of local and overseas partners is handling the construction of Centrale Hydro Electrique Farahantsana to include a run-off dam, water intake, sand trap, supply channel, loading chamber, line of penstocks and a production plant equipped with four turbines.

Flexible joints
The durajoint PVC waterstops supplied for these two projects are widely specified to prevent water ingress or regress; and are flexible and easily welded on site to provide the primary seal in the waterproofing of structures such as dams, reservoirs, canals, basements and retaining walls.

Three other available formats
Durajoint waterstops are also available in three other formats, namely natural rubber, which is both flexible and durable; SW-B sodium bentonite, which is used for immediate swelling and crystallisation in cold joint sealing; and SW-R hydrophilic butyl rubber, which is used for concrete joints that require high-performance synthetic elastomer strips.

With a versatile range of waterstops, a.b.e Construction Chemicals looks set to remain a major supplier for projects of all sizes, both locally and internationally.

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