SA’s first 350mm single head floor grinder

by Darren
Diamond Products single head floor grinder Jnl 7 16

Locally based Diamond Products produced the first 350 mm single head floor grinder in South Africa.

Besides boosting the economy, there are a number of additional benefits involved with sourcing local, such as a more personal and efficient customer service and giving back to South African communities. Brian Clark, Director of Diamond Products, says it is critical for any business to constantly invest in keeping up to date with the latest trends and technologies within in their chosen fields of business.

“This investment includes sourcing suppliers and manufacturers overseas and drawing on expertise that a business may not have. However, this may limit a South African business in having a say on how or when they would like a product supplied or manufactured,” says Brian.

These considerations were the catalyst for Diamond Products to produce the first 350mm single head floor grinder in South Africa.

“In doing this, we not only support local business, but we also have full control on how and when we would like the machines to be manufactured. This also gives us the ability to source and supply spares locally, as well as have a hands-on approach when it comes to the repairs and maintenance of the equipment,” says Brian.

The grinder was designed for small to medium horizontal surface grinding and is able to grind floors level, prepare a floor for specialised coatings as well as be used for the removal of coatings or for surface renewal. Brian says the new Diamond Products 350mm floor grinder has a number of unique features.

“Firstly, the machine offers a larger grinding circumference than that of standard 250mm single head grinders. However, the unique benefit of the machine is that the total weight of the motor is exerted onto the head of the machine to offer better grinding pressure. Along with this, it is manufactured with what is known as a floating head. The floating head will follow the profile of the floor and will give a significantly flatter and better grind,” adds Brian.

“The single head floor grinders are designed for dependability and offer ease of use while providing efficient, cost effective results with low environmental impact and can be used in applications such as concrete, stone, asphalt, epoxy, glue and waterproofing,” concludes Brian.

For more information contact Diamond Products on Tel: +27 (11) 552 8310 or via www.diamondpc.co.za.

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