Belgotex International Group recently launched the Belgotex Floors SA and Balsan brands at their Indian offices in Bengaluru. The company has earmarked the Indian market as a key market for their brand and it continues to invest heavily in the region.

Lloyd Neuville, Sales Director at Belgotex Floors SA, says their investment in this region has been based on solid market research. Two years ago, the company took the decision to enter the Indian market after appointing an independent market research firm in India.

“This market research gave us the insights we needed to find out where the opportunities are, what the supply route to market is, determine the best channels to market, and which resources to appoint in India,” says Lloyd.

Belgotex opened Belgotex India in 2015 and this office has evolved from a place that facilitates order purchasing of rugs and quality control to a one-stop shop for popular Belgotex Floors SA and Balsan brands. The company has since opened offices in New Deli and appointed area managers for various regions of the country.

“India is definitely a growing market, especially in the corporate space. Cluster tiles are becoming increasingly popular and the acceptance of carpeting in the corporate market segment has vastly improved. India is a market that keeps growing substantially year on year, which is why we are investing resources and energy in this region,” says Lloyd.

During the launch, which was held at The Leela Palace in Bengaluru, Country Manager for India at Belgotex, Pankaj Talreja, said that this is an exciting time for the brand.

“India is a big market, but it’s also a challenging market. Our competition has been here for many years, but our unique selling proposition is that we’re more than just a seller – we’re a solutions provider. Belgotex’s commitment to design innovation and environmental friendliness also sets us apart from our competition,” commented Pankaj.

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