Safintra South Africa recently hosted presentations in five cities for built-environment professionals to highlight the innovations that have been made to change the way steel roofing can be used to create more sustainable buildings.

While architects, engineers and designers are responsible for the design of many different types of buildings and structures, the materials that are used are just as important, particularly in terms of sustainability, global warming and carbon dioxide emissions. Moreover, the rising cost of energy and the financial returns expected by investors all play a part in the economics of a building over its occupied life.

Safintra points out that quality components installed in a well-designed roofing system offer financial, social and environmental benefits.

Metal roof sheeting is a structural product and has functionality beyond that of enclosure and weather protection. By its nature, metal roofing can help create a thermally effective building envelope, and steel roofing can be used as an effective substrate on which green technologies can be mounted or incorporated.

Metal roofing has impeccable sustainability credentials and its versatility gives architects and designers a great deal of flexibility, whether designing something strikingly modern or timelessly traditional.

However, it’s steel’s functional performance that truly sets it apart from other materials.

To convey the innovations developed by Safintra, the company embarked on a road show entitled Imagineering for Tomorrow.

At the road show, Safintra unpacked a basket of best-of-breed components, which makes up a metal roof system that delivers returns for the full occupied life of the building.

Safintra separately guarantees each component of the system but when the components are used together, Safintra’s system really stands apart.

• For violent weather, Safintra has a new-generation Saflok 700 clip system for concealed fix roofing.
• For energy-efficiency, Safintra has PV attachment clamps that will make the roof a source of power without compromising the performance or warranty of the roof sheeting.
• To minimise maintenance costs, Safintra offers fasteners which have a life expectancy longer than that of the roof sheeting.
• To reduce energy costs and lower the environmental impact, Safintra offers an over-roofing and roof-spacer system, which ensures top-class performance of the roof cavity and its insulation.
• Safintra uses the 450 MPA long-span Metsec steel purlin system which uses 25% less material than conventional carbon steel – thus saving on resources while offering enhanced load and spanning strengths, and substantial cost savings on material

Finally, Safintra warrants the integrated roof system for its thermal and functional performance and its durability.

In addition, Safintra has recently secured the sole distribution rights to the S-5 above-roof clamping system, giving it access to one of the best above-roof attachment systems in the world.

Safintra says the presentations made at the countrywide road shows were extremely well received by building professionals. And the company is happy to do private presentations to anyone who was unable to attend the road shows. 

The company has six offices around the country, and each one is supported by a technical team of specialists who are happy to advise building professionals on any of Safintra’s roofing components and assist with the design of an optimally performing roofing system. 

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