Roof tiles set for sustainability

by Tania Wannenburg
roof tiles set for sustainability

Marley Roofing South Africa is leading the way as the need for building materials, which contributes to a sustainable way of doing business, grows. The company recognises that architects, engineers, developers and owners are seeking efficient, innovative building solutions.

These solutions must conserve non-renewable resources as environmental awareness increases. Concrete roof tiles do not rust and therefore are being increasingly recognised for its added environmental benefits as a means to support creative and effective sustainable development.

Marley Roofing SA forms part of the Etex Group, which operates in the building materials sector in 44 countries worldwide, employing more than 16 000 people. The company continuously improves its products as it benefits from ongoing research and development, as well as resources within the Etex Group. In addition, the concrete tile manufacturer adheres to the strict Etex environmental, occupational, health and safety targets, as well as its reporting standards. Marley Roofing also benchmarks its performance against the other Etex Group companies, while striving for continual improvement and world-class standards.

All Marley Roofing’s products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 14001 environmental and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management systems requirements. The company is one of only a few concrete roof tile manufacturers that have achieved these standards in South Africa. The company’s concrete tiles also carry the SANS 542 concrete roofing tiles mark, the SABS product mark for quality. Without a doubt, Marley Roofing’s products are environmentally and socially responsible.

Energy efficiency
Marley Roofing also supplies various types of radiant barriers for roofs, which helps to improve energy efficiency. Superior thermal efficiency is obtained through an insulated concrete roof system with a low air infiltration. The result is optimal energy performance over the whole lifespan of a building.

Since houses and buildings constructed with insulated concrete roofs are not subjected to high daily temperature fluctuations, owners can lower heating and cooling bills significantly. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning can also be designed with smaller capacity equipment for additional savings.

Strength and durability
Roofs that stand the proverbial test of time through their extreme durability and low maintenance requirements have a significant sustainable advantage over other roof structures.

Moisture, which can undermine other building materials through rust or rot, has no weakening effect on Marley Roofing’s concrete roof tiles. In fact, Marley Roofing’s concrete roof tiles continue to strengthen over time and this is why roofs that used these roof tiles more than 40 years ago are still intact today.

Marley Roofing has designed a lightweight roof tile, the Double Roman Plus Range, which does not compromise the properties or the quality of the product to cater for the price-conscious customer.

The concrete tile manufacturer’s range of roof tiles are versatile, finding application in many different buildings, including houses, schools, offices and recreational centres. There is minimal wastage or off-cuts during the tiling process, which makes Marley Roofing’s roof tiles an extremely cost-effective option for owners over time, depending on the roof design. These factors and more have swayed the government and developers to introduce concrete roof tiles in low-cost housing.

Low maintenance
Marley Roofing’s concrete roof tiles are inert and compact. This means that the roof tile does not lose its key properties over time. There is also less need for cleaning or repainting the roof. All these factors contribute to the sustainability of the concrete roof tiles as little resources are used in its maintenance. Marley Roofing also has an exclusive coating called M22 which is used on the company’s coated range of tiles. The coated tiles are treated to reduce mould build-up, particularly in coastal areas. M22-coated tiles also deal with problems associated with colour, providing a solution when colour uniformity is a requirement. M22-coated tiles provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance from the start and are a top choice for larger developments where colour uniformity is essential.

With an active mix of benefits, Marley Roofing will keep their focus on providing industry professionals with a complete system while staying true to its pay-off line: “Dynamically preserving the future.”

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