In an increasingly unpredictable climatic environment, severe damage is often caused to properties that do not have sufficient protection against the elements.

In an increasingly unpredictable climatic environment, as seen with events such as, the wind-driven fires at the thatched chalets of Sondela Nature Reserve, more recently, the raging fires engulfing thatched residences in St Francis Bay, left about 100 families roofless, and with the severe hailstorms of the past few months, properties are exposed to endless risks.  

These kinds of severe damages can be avoided and contained if all the positive attributes of lightweight stone-coated steel roof tiles are kept in mind when making important decisions during the construction process.

Metrotile is the suppliers of such a premium steel roofing system that goes beyond the durability and performance of traditional roofing materials. Made from highly protective AZ185/Z300 corrosion-resistant steel, these tiles are ideal for coastal installations and being strong and ductile, they are also resistant to the damage caused by extreme weather conditions and fire on traditional roofs.

Affordable and lightweight, the Metrotile stone-coated roof system is ideal for use on new projects and re-roofs, specifically of thatch and old “zink” roofs, as it creates an effective weather barrier that removes the high maintenance requirements and efficiently shields the property from the elements. This can also save owners of thatched properties about 30% on their insurance premiums.

Metrotile’s premium roofing systems are far lighter than traditional roofing, which means that they don’t require the same heavy roof structure, and being recyclable, they are perfectly in tune with current sustainability trends. Added to this, they are the only supplier in SA of a solar power integrated roof, with their Lightpower solar tiles.

The strong demand for these eco-friendly roofing systems has meant that Metrotile Europe had to double their production capacity in the past few years.  This expansion means that they currently produce over 50 000m² of premium stone-coated metal roof tiles, providing the cover equivalent to over 800 RDP houses per day.
Metrotile has invited all their international distribution partners and top clients to join them in Belgium in celebration of their 15th anniversary, and for the grand opening of their new plant in Tongeren at the end of November 2012.

Building on their success all over Europe and in many other African countries, Metrotile is now lifting the bar for metal roofing in Southern Africa.

Since their debut in South Africa just over a year ago, Metrotile SA is making their mark with a comprehensive range of unique and ecologically-conscious roofing products, and a strong focus on superior customer service and sustainability.

Metrotile SA
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