Roof inspection app to raise standards

by Darren
Roof inspection app to raise standards LCP ROOFING

LCP Roofing has developed an integrated mobile application for enhanced, more secure completion and processing of the SANS10400 A19 certificate for a building’s structural components.

To facilitate the more secure processing of the SANS 10400 A19 certificate for a building’s structural components, LCP Roofing has developed an integrated mobile application with a digital signature platform for a watertight, digitally encrypted paper trail.

As a crucial certification in the roofing industry, the A19 certificate is issued by an engineer and confirms that the structure in question has been correctly completed in line with the original design intent and in accordance with national building standards.

“That said, when it comes to roof inspections, the reality is that for the most part, your roof inspector, who works for an engineer, declares that he is satisfied with the structure to said engineer, who then signs off the form for the A19 certificate,” says Lyndsay Cotton, LCP Roofing’s general manager. “While this is common practice and, by most accounts, completely above board, the problem arises when the engineers who sign off these forms are not experts in the roofing field.”  

“The inspector should have sufficient contextual knowledge of the Institute for Timber Construction South Africa’s (ITC-SA) Roof Erector’s Handbook – Volume 2 and be au fait with both SANS and ITC-SA erection principles. The inspector should not inspect buildings if they know nothing about roofing. This can lead to misunderstandings and large anomalies in the certification process, and the banks or insurers could well challenge the issued A19 certificate. Sadly, the homeowner will ultimately bear the consequences of a wrongly certified roof structure and is the first in line to accept liability. While a large percentage of this is as a result of ignorance, the consequences for the homeowner amount to the same as a fraudulently issued certificate,” says Cotton.

“The implications of not ticking off items on the roof inspector checklist amounts to negligence, in my opinion, and while most roof inspections are above board, ‘drive-by’ inspections, where engineer’s certificates are issued without the inspector even visiting the site or literally just driving past, do take place. Whether it happens because of incompetence, ignorance, negligence or plain fraud, this phenomenon is unacceptable; the inspector must physically go to the site to inspect the structure.”

LCP Inspecta    
Taking a proactive stance against “drive-by” inspections, the LCP Inspecta mobile application offers the user a three-part digital form that:
–    Confirms by whom and according to what codes the roof structure was designed.
–    Whether it has been designed according to SANS codes.
–    That the values of the plates have been manufactured correctly from a design perspective.
–    That the roof trusses have been manufactured to standard.
–    That the erected structure has been properly inspected.

All LCP Inspecta submissions have ID certificates with unique encryption codes for ultimate security.

How it works
The roofing inspector uses the mobile app to complete the compulsory roofing checklist per the “ITC-SA’s Roof Erector’s Handbook – Volume 2” with unchangeable geo-tagging to prove that the user was on site before the form is signed digitally, including the date and inspection number.

The system is also set up to automatically populate forms 3 and 4. The form is then sent to and digitally signed by the engineer, who includes a certificate number, which is based on the date of inspection. The client will use this to gain a certificate of completion and resultant finance and/or insurance for the structure, and for company records.

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Caption: LCP Roofing has developed an integrated mobile application for enhanced, more secure completion and processing of the SANS10400 A19 certificate for a building’s structural components.    

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