Roof design software optimises design process

by Madelein
Roof design software optimises design process

Being able to visually demonstrate and make design enhancements during concept meetings not only streamlines approvals but enhances the overall customer experience. Software developments focused on optimising how the building and design industry operates keeps evolving, with the latest innovation being that of MiTek’s market-leading Pamir roof design software.

Realtime benefits

“We aim to continuously improve our software solutions, and for this reason we have added the Ultra-Span design capability into our Pamir software,” comments Hennie Viljoen, marketing manager of MiTek.

“For those of you who are new to Pamir, it is our market-leading roof truss and Posi-Joist design software. It’s a powerful design tool that combines Layout, Engineering, Output and 3D tools into a single fully integrated application.”

Customer feedback

Edward Curry, managing director and owner of Giant Engineering, based in Pretoria, has been trialling Ultra-Span design in Pamir and explains how it is helping make life easier for his business.

Q: Edward, tell us about your experience with the Ultra-Span design in Pamir?
A: “I am a fan of Ultra-Span, having used the product for many years. Most recently, we’ve been finding out the benefits of using it with MiTek’s Pamir software for our design work. It’s turning out to be a great tool, as we can render designs in 3D and see exactly what our ideas look like before submitting them to our clients. The quality of the 3D rendering is incredible!”

Q: What component of the software has impressed you most?
A: “The software is quick, intuitive and easy to use. So if we want to change a component, or it illustrates we have forgotten an important element, it is straightforward to amend or to try out different solutions. For our clients, it’s a real help as they can see exactly what their projects will look like, from different angles and aspects, right down to small details such as the type of brackets and fixings.”

Q: How has it benefitted your client engagement process?
A: “Some of our clients, especially in the rural areas, don’t really understand what lightweight gauge steel is. I think there is real beauty in its design, and it’s great to be able to show that and how the profile is completely different. Now I can send them a proper 3D visual, and they can really experience just what it is.”

Q: How would you describe the software’s flexibility?
A: “We are able to use the software for both Ultra-Span and timber roof truss design projects, which makes it flexible. It really makes Ultra-Span design a breeze and enables us to demonstrate a high level of professionalism to the clients who have asked us to quote for their jobs.”

Real difference in roof design

Edward and his team have found it extremely beneficial to be part of the trial. They noted that their feedback and ideas for improvement were welcomed and incorporated into the next phase of the product enhancement, which demonstrates MiTek’s commitment to making a real difference in roofing innovation and design.

For more information on Ultra-Span with Pamir software, contact MiTek:
Tel: +27 11 237 8700
Email: SAEnquiries@mii.com
Website: https://www.mitek.co.za/products/pamir/

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