Roadshow launches new products

by Darren
Van Dyck Roadshow Jnl 6 14

Annual roadshow creates the ideal opportunity to launch a range of new flooring products.

In order to reflect the changing demands of the industry while further widening its product offering, Van Dyck once again took to the road to announce the launch of a range of new products.

Van Dyck’s annual roadshow introduced some exciting new LVTs, new underlays and new residential and commercial carpet ranges. This launch also offered guests first-hand information about their overseas suppliers who together with the local Van Dyck sales teams filled their customers in on everything they needed to know about these unique products

One of the products that received the most attention is the new and unique Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP), Super-Click. Super-Click is a floating floor system that doesn’t require adhesive and can be fitted over numerous surfaces such as ceramics, laminates, concrete, wood and carpets, to name but a few. It is available in nine contemporary-looking colours ranging from very light naturals and contemporary greys to the more traditional but stylish-looking wood colours.

Other products that received a warm welcome by most of the customers was our new carpet tile ranges Melody, Innovation, Parallel and Column. Over the years Van Dyck have provided upmarket and trendy designs, and due to the increased popularity of their various carpet tile ranges they decided to give their customers even more products to select from in the form of this latest offering.

The guests also widely welcomed the introduction of our new peel & stick 2,5mm underlay, named Instalay 25 high grab, which can be used for a wide range of floorcoverings.

This roadshow was successfully received by the industry and very well attended by the many customers and created the perfect platform to introduce new products. This shows that once again Van Dyck is taking the floor with so much more.

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