The right treatment protects a rug’s investment

by Tania Wannenburg
Getset Jnl 7 15

A Persian, oriental or modern rug could last a lifetime, providing it gets regular professional cleaning.

A Persian rug may be a prized collector’s item, treasured family inheritance, or a beautiful object that enhances a home while constantly growing in value. A Persian, oriental or modern rug, whether it has sentimental or monetary value, could last a lifetime – providing it gets regular professional cleaning.

Getset Cleaning, which handles carpet cleaning for some of the biggest names in flooring in South Africa, says that without experience and the proper equipment, cleaning a Persian rug can damage its investment value. At Getset’s Rug Cleaning Spa, fitted with sophisticated, imported equipment and opened after extensive international tuition of its staff, rugs are treated with care that stems from 25 years’ carpet cleaning experience.

The company’s fully trained experts will initially deep dust the rug with a Badger rug duster to remove damaging sand and grit that can cut fibres and shorten the rug’s life, followed by colour tests and a deep submersion bath in the Spa to flush out the rest of the trapped loose soil. Thereafter extraction and clear-water rinsing takes place to ensure that no sticky, dirt-attracting residue is left in the rug. It is hung while powerful air movers speed dry it to prevent browning or damage. Its delicate fringes are then detangled and cleaned to restore softness and colour. Finally, the rug is carefully groomed and protectively wrapped, ready for collection or delivery.

Getset’s Rug Spa cleaning makes use of HealthGuard, an antimicrobial product that combats bacteria, spores, viruses and moulds.

The organisation guarantees total removal of pet and human odour from all rugs, and virtually total removal of urine stains from most rugs. They will also collect and deliver rugs throughout Gauteng for their unique Rug Spa treatment.

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