With regards to the different aspects of sustainability, such as very long durability, low to no maintenance, 100% recyclability and reusability, RHEINZINK is now taking a big step forward with its prePATINA product line by reducing the already small carbon footprint by 50%, and calling this ECO ZINC. 

“Sustainability is firmly anchored in our corporate strategy. With RHEINZINK prePATINA ECO ZINC, we are taking another important step forward on our path to decarbonisation,” says Stephen Wilkinson, director of Wilkinson Architectural Metal, RHEINZINK’s sub-Saharan Africa agent. This 50% CO₂ reduction is possible because RHEINZINK only uses certified low-carbon zinc ingots. The electric energy for producing these ingots is largely generated without CO₂, from green energy resources such as water and wind power. 

RHEINZINK prePATINA ECO ZINC is available in its natural blue-grey and graphite-grey surfaces (not paint-coated surfaces), which build up a natural patina when exposed to the environment. The result is a perfect fusion of sustainability and aesthetics for roofing and facade cladding. 

RHEINZINK reduces the carbon footprint of its prePATINA product line by 50%. 

For more information, contact RHEINZINK: 

Tel: +27 21 671 2600 

Email: stephen@wilkinson-am.co.za 

Website: www.rheinzink.co.za or www.wilkinson-am.co.za  

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