Rewritable vinyl surface: Write & Wipe

by Darren
Rewritable vinyl surface write and wipe SMART INTERIOR PRODUCTS

Get creative and turn any smooth surface into a writing board with rewritable vinyl applications from Smart Interior Products.

Turn any wall, or even a desk surface, into a whiteboard. With a variety of rewritable vinyl applications from Smart Interior Products, any smooth surface can be transformed into a dry-erase, rewritable one.

“We live in a digital age where the pencil has been replaced by a keyboard. However, I believe that the ancient art of writing by hand stimulates creativity and better memory retention. Let’s get people writing again,” advocates Wesley Paul, sales director at Smart Interior Products.

Wiping away the limitations of traditional whiteboards such as size, application, colour and design, rewritable vinyl is versatile and suitable for corporate offices, restaurants, hospitals, schools, conference facilities, kids play rooms and many more.

Different looks are available and the vinyl can be customised with full colour printed graphics.

“Our dry-erase rewritable vinyl surface does not ghost and gives a spotless canvas wipe after wipe,” Paul adds. Also, since the surface is impenetrable by permanent markers, not even that can spoil its appearance.

The product is locally manufactured and is applied to smooth surfaces quickly and with ease. It’s a cost-effective, modern approach to dry erase boards.

Smart Interior Products
Tel: 081 435 0318
Email: sales@smartintpro.co.za
Website: www.smartintpro.co.za

•    Full wall wraps.
•    Self-adhesive application.
•    Non ghosting surface.
•    Dry-erase.
•    Surface impenetrable by permanent markers.
•    Blackboard and colour options.
•    Customisable.
•    Cost-effective.
•    Versatile.

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