Rewarding excellence in access flooring

by Tania Wannenburg
Penta Award Jnl 5 14

Awards recognise business excellence and honour businesses which promote the spirit of success and innovation.

The second annual South African Business Awards ceremony was recently held in Johannesburg, which offered a unique opportunity for companies to showcase their significant achievements. As recipient of the Manufacturer Award, Pentafloor CC was among other winning companies that were awarded 13 prestigious honours in total.

“To win this award is huge,” enthuses Larry Shakinovsky, who co-owns Pentafloor CC with his wife Bianca. “To be in a category with companies such as Bell and SAAB Grintek Defence is almost surreal.” Bianca adds that even though the manufacturing sector has been challenged, especially with regard to issues such as strikes, this award gives their company the motivation to carry on regardless.

Pentafloor CC has fast become one of the leading suppliers of high-quality access flooring in Southern Africa. Through the strategic placement of its manufacturing division on the African continent as well as in Asia, its trading arm and logistics partners guarantee that they can deliver a cost-effective superior solution to meet Pentafloor clients’ access flooring requirements anywhere on the globe.

The company is built on strong brands with a rich heritage and a significant track record, together with the highest international standards in quality and production. All of its brands have been serving the networking environment jointly for more than 60 years. Throughout the years, industry experts have been innovating, developing and designing systems in close collaboration with the end user, to meet the high expectations and requirements of customers and professionals alike.

President Jacob Zuma gave the keynote address at the ceremony, hosted by the Department of Trade and Industry, Proudly South African and Brand SA. These awards recognise business excellence and honour businesses which promote the spirit of success and innovation, as well as job creation and quality.

“The success of the recipients of these awards this evening demonstrate that our country promotes innovation and success, and that opportunities are being used to grow businesses and prosper,” says President Zuma at the Awards. “More work must be done to improve investment prospects and to encourage youth employment, in particular. More work must also still be done to increase the number of small and medium enterprises.”

These words by President Zuma perfectly encapsulate the weight that these awards carry within the world of business. As such, it becomes evident how significant this monumental achievement is for Pentafloor CC, not only as a company whose staff complement has grown from three to forty people, but as one of the leading providers of access flooring in Southern Africa and beyond.

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