Revolutionary new vinyl range launched

by Tania Wannenburg
Belgotex new Luna range launched Jnl 5 16

Belgotex Floors & Gerflor recently launched the new Luna Range with Evercare, which is set to revolutionise vinyl sheet flooring.

Belgotex Floors and Gerflor launched the new EverCare Luna Range at the beautiful Le Franschhoek Hotel in Cape Town on 9 June. This spectacular event, themed “The Grand White Affair”, treated guests to a stayover, launch with entertainment and a seven course wine and food pairing. They were entertained by Larry the mentalist, whose highly developed mental and intuitive abilities most certainly left a few speechless and at times, simply amazed.

However, the true excitement of the evening came in the form of the revolutionary new Luna Range with EverCare. Nay Tawile from Gerflor presented this product range to guests, discussing all the attributes that make it so unique, and to make it more practical, they carried out several demonstrations in order to illustrate Luna’s stain resistance properties.

This new, heavy commercial vinyl range is a flexible, multi-purpose homogeneous vinyl with a non-directional polychrome design in a matt finish. Colour dyed as a raw mixture to ensure even colour throughout the thickness, Luna offers design flexibility coupled with supreme chemical resistance and ease of maintenance, making it functionally suitable for ICU and operating theatres in health care facilities.

Its patented surface treatment, EverCare, acts as a barrier against stains and chemical compounds typically found in medical or administrative environments, which is why it is considered ideal for heavy commercial use and the healthcare industry. In fact, EverCare creates a 100% non-porous barrier to all liquids and chemicals, keeping all stains floating on the surface.

Micro-structured and UV laser cross-linked polymer constructs a waterproof, hygienic surface that removes the need for waxing or polishing during the floor’s lifetime. UV laser cross-linking provides superior durability and an even surface thickness, once again creating an impenetrable barrier against stains and chemicals found in healthcare. In addition to the above, the Sanosol treatment is a bacteriostatic and fungistatic treatment applied in the whole thickness of the product. This treatment provides lasting protection for the materials against bacteria and mould.

“This launch was a professionally organised, prestigious event, which I found very exciting and had the opportunity to meet with Belgotex Floors and Gerflor personnel, medical professionals and product media firms outside the borders of Namibia,” says Kevan R. McNamara, Director at Kerry McNamaro Architects Inc. “I Think the Luna Range colours are excellent, however, the highlight of the evening was definitely the EverCare product, which will revolutionise the sheet floor industry, especially in the medical, educational and laboratory sectors. The science and ingenuity that was used to develop the EverCare surface is very impressive and we will definitely promote this product to our client-base in Namibia.”

According to Elnike McAlindin from Urban Fabric Interior Design, they are extremely impressed with the product and very excited about its properties. “We are currently working on a few new hospitals and would like to use it to see how it performs,” she states.

The launch itself most certainly matched the superior standards of the new EverCare Luna Range, and those who were in attendance are excited to specify it going forward, and it is easy to see why – this revolutionary product is set to make some impressive waves in the industry.

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