Revolutionary acrylic glass door system

by Darren
Revolutionary acrylic glass

New frameless double-walled acrylic glass doors for refrigeration hold many advantages. Retrofitable to nearly all refrigerated cabinets.


Moving away from the traditional insulating glass doors for refrigeration, the Dutch company doubleCOOL has introduced new CoolStar doors made from high-quality, double-walled acrylic glass.

The company has launched these state-of-the-art glass doors at the EuroShop trade fair in Düsseldorf in February. As a subsidiary of the Polyplastic Group, a company which has been producing and manufacturing acrylic glass for over 60 years, doubleCOOL guarantees first-class quality, significant energy savings and attractive designs.

Made from individually cast acrylic sheets, the raw material that is used in the manufacturing of the glass doors is a liquid petroleum product called a “monomer”. In order to develop end-products such as windows or doors from sheets of acrylic glass, the sheets must first be heated before they can be pressed into the required shape using a moulding press. Later they are stuck together to achieve a double-walled insulating effect. The most stringent quality controls are carried out on the production process as a whole.

Cool features
The glass doors are completely shatterproof and have a scratch-resistant coating. They are also extremely lightweight, weighing about half of what normal glass does, has 10% more transparency and is 100% recyclable. The doors’ stability and the much higher break resistance in comparison to conventional glass are additional advantages.

With CoolStar doors, comprehensive energy savings of up to 50% can be achieved and thanks to their frameless, attractive transparent design, they contribute to improve the ambiance of any room.

It is the double-layered structure of acrylic glass that provides the insulation required in order to guarantee significant energy savings, the highest degree of transparency and scratch resistance.

Benefits of CoolStar doors:

• Made from double-walled, highly-insulating, high-tech acrylic glass.
• Maximum transparency thanks to frameless, insulating acrylic doors.
• Guaranteed scratch resistance thanks to the use of a new specially developed coating.
• Flexible and individually finished for the retrofit market, an appropriate original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is used for each refrigeration unit.
• Above-average, material-specific light intensity in the unit that makes it easier to view products.
• They are 10% more transparent than glass, allowing food to be presented more attractively.
• They are 100% recyclable.
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Additional uses of acrylic glass
Even though the main focus lies with insulating door systems, doubleCOOL also offers other attractive acrylic glass solutions for refrigeration units, such as double-walled side walls, shelves or elegant curved solutions for shop counters.

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