Revestir 2017: Everything just got better

by Ofentse Sefolo
Revestir 2017: Everything just got better

Every year in March, Expo Revestir puts together a trade show of note, showcasing the latest in tile and surface décor and manufacturing technologies.
This year, WALLS & ROOFS editor, Marlene van Rooyen, travelled to São Paulo, Brazil, to experience current tile trends and see first-hand how international tile and surface manufacturers are innovating and adding value to the final design.

“The technologies are getting better year by year, which makes it possible to imitate almost any look with digital printing techniques. But to make it look authentic, the quality print and detailing are vital. The designs this year featured more depth, more texture and better quality,” she says.

“There were also a lot of odd sizes at the show, for example 74 x 74cm, 53 x 106cm, 32 x 60cm, 83 x 83cm and more, but since the tiles are manufactured in long continuous sheets, they can really be cut to any size, which makes them highly customisable.

“Another very popular trend at the moment is to have a selection of seemingly smaller tiles printed on one big tile. Black and white patterns were plentiful, with wood, concrete, bricks, prints and metallic seen across the show.”

Here are some of the highlights of Expo Revestir 2017:

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