Revamping Gold Mine Kitchen

by Darren
Sika Gold Mine Jnl 1 15

A busy commercial kitchen is revamped with products that offer several advantages and benefits to ensure the success of this project.

When Western Goldfields Mine, south of Johannesburg, decided to revamp its numerous kitchens, Sika’s Chad Tosen recommended two high-performance products from Sika’s PurCem range for the floors and walls.

Contractor Epoxy Coaters began the first phase of the project in October 2014. Sikafloor-161 was applied as a primer on the deteriorated floors. This economical, two-part, solvent-free, low-viscosity epoxy resin provides excellent infiltration and bond strength. Its characteristics make it ideal for use on normal to strong absorbent substrates.

This primer was followed with a 6mm application of Sikafloor-20N PurCem, a three-part, resin-rich, water-dispersed, smooth trowel grade, polyurethane-modified, cement and aggregate screed that is suitable for floors subject to heavy loading, abrasion and chemical exposure. Furthermore, as this project occurred in a working environment, it required the benefits of Sikafloor-20N PurCem as it is fast-curing, with foot traffic possible after 12 hours and full service after two days.

Both of these PurCem products conform to numerous international requirements, and are resistant to a wide range of organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, amines, salts and solvents. Both also possess a similar coefficient of thermal expansion to concrete and will retain their physical characteristics across a wide temperature range. Their bond strength is in excess of the tensile strength of concrete, i.e. concrete will fail first.

Sikafloor-20N PurCem and Sikafloor-29N PurCem are non-taint, odourless and VOC-free and provide high mechanical resistance. They are jointless coatings that are easily maintained. All of these factors make them the ideal products for a kitchen environment.

Sika will be supplying its top quality products for the second phase of this project, which was scheduled to commence in late November, and this should be followed by several more kitchen revamps in the next few months.

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