Retrofit joint solution

by Madelein
Retrofit joint solution

When installing new flooring or changing the current flooring, installers often face finishing difficulties where the new or replacement flooring requires structural movement joints. This is often the case with vinyl, polished concrete or insitu terrazzo flooring.

Kirk’s latest structural retrofit joints are available in three convenient options for use as per the engineer’s movement specification that determines which joint will be best suited, removing any subsequent installation woes:

  1. M.Trim a locally manufactured joint, available in ASRJ150, allows +-5mm movement and is available in hospital infill or ridged in either black or grey.
  2. Arfen – AR154-050 available in black infill allows +-10mm movement.
  3. Vexcolt – Maxatec 120 available in black and grey infills with multiple options of up to +-15mm of movement.

Each of the retrofit joint options delivers the following benefits:
• Eliminates the need to create a boxout in the slab, speeding up installation and reducing cost.
• Removes colour variation resulting from the boxout, which normally affects the aesthetics of polished concrete and insitu terrazzo floors.
• The retrofit joint is easy to fit onto the evenly laid vinyl floor as it eliminates the boxout and subsequent issues with re-levelling.
• The retrofit ramps enable trolleys, beds and luggage to easily pass over the joint.

In exposed buildings, such as car parks, where waterproofing of the structural joint is required, movement of 8mm to 50mm can be achieved using Kirk Structural’s Vexcolt Flexatec 1000.

For more information, contact Kirk:
Tel: 27 (11) 444 1441
Email: sales@kirk.co.za
Website: http://kirk.co.za

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