A range of retro-fit stair nosing’s suited for every type of loading, traffic and any anti-slip requests.

Kirk Marketing has a solid reputation for providing a variety of retro-fit stair nosings that are well suited for every type of loading, pedestrian traffic and any anti-slip requirements.

The 35mm wide, heavy duty, non-slip insert fits into three different Kirk nosing offerings; namely the standard square retro-fit nosing; the double square retro-fit nosing and its bullnose retro-fit nosing. All of their nosings are available in plain, non-slip- or luminescent non-slip versions.

Non-slip inserts

These are available in three colours; brown, black, and grey with an expected lifespan of more than five years. They are easy to replace and have excellent slip resistant qualities in adverse conditions such as oil, grease, dust, liquids, powder and fat. They are inserted into the various types of stair nosing and treads and glued using the recommended adhesive.

Luminescent non-slip inserts

 The luminescent strip is embedded in non-slip insert epoxies and is slightly lower than the non-slip silicon carbide, ensuring protection from wear and tear. The luminescence of the strip lasts for a maximum of 12 hours and is ideal for badly lit or dark stairwells. Its features include high and long lasting luminescence and is weather-proof. To re-activate the strips they must be activated by an external light source.

Other retro-fit stair nosing

These include solid aluminium and brass retro-fit stair nosing for general use. Retrofit stair nosing can be used with all surfaces. It also offers retro-fit stair nosing with PVC inserts (ridged or smooth) and is available in black, grey and brown.

Industrial non-slip stair nosing

Industrial retro-fit stair nosing was formulated to withstand severe conditions. The range of non-slip coatings vary from fine to coarse grit, fitted to galvanised or stainless steel using a suitable adhesive.