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Rethink the way you build

In the current state of the economy, builders, engineers, and architects must start thinking out of the box when it comes to building practices.

The rising cost of materials is forcing architects and specifiers to move away from traditional bricks and mortar. In addition to the price point, such building methods are time-consuming and require a certain amount of skill to create a result that will perform well in the long run.

Shift towards sustainability

Apart from cost and economic factors, there has also been a sharp shift in the industry towards sustainably sourced materials. Consumers are more environmentally focused, and investors query the source of materials and inspect the sustainability criteria when injecting money into projects such as commercial apartment blocks, for example.

All factors simultaneously addressed

Technology exists to build quickly and efficiently, using an excellent quality product, and thus addressing all factors simultaneously.

Great strength and made from recycled material

Solidtex by Siniat is a multipurpose plasterboard with an ultra-high density gypsum core, with HDC technology – designed to address a comprehensive range of application and construction needs. The boards are easy to install and can stand loads until now unimaginable for drywall systems. They are also a great solution for sustainable building and contain more than 35% recycled content.

The system may be new, but it’s backed by well-known and trusted corporate Etex, a global leader in dry construction material. Solidtex is also tested and offers the InSpec Performance warranty.

All in all, it’s more than just an alternative to traditional buildings – it’s an improvement for the better.

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