Restoring fire damage at Mimosa Mall

by Ofentse Sefolo
Restoring fire damage at Mimosa Mall

In December 2017, a fire was responsible for a substantial amount of destruction at Mimosa Mall, located in Bloemfontein. Local cement technology, flooring and construction company, Sika, was called upon to inspect and repair the damage.

Rectify and strengthen

Sika’s goal was not only to rectify the affected areas, but to use the right products to strengthen them too. Despite significant time constraints due to the urgency to get the mall back up and running again as quickly as possible, the company managed to exceed expectations in every regard.

Sika CarboDur S512 (600 metres), Sika CarboDur S1014 (800 metres), and Sikadur-30 (79 kits) were specified for the external structural strengthening of the car parks and the roof slabs. The carbon-fibre plates were bonded onto the soffit roof slab using Sikadur-30, a primerless structural epoxy adhesive ideal for structural strengthening projects. The application of Sika CarboDur S1014 allowed for the increased load capacity of the floor slabs in the sections where heavier equipment was subsequently installed.

Furthermore, Sika’s high-performance SikaGrout-212 was applied under all new precast concrete barriers. This fluid grout provides adjustable consistency, rapid strength development and high final strengths. Finally, the building’s structural support columns were wrapped with SikaWrap®-600 C, a unidirectional stitched, non-woven heavy carbon-fibre fabric with mid-range strengths.

The completion of this undertaking in record time, as well as the impressive final results, was testament to the fact that Sika has the correct solution for even the most complex and challenging projects.

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The company’s goal was to strengthen the structure with the right, high-quality products.

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