Aesthetics played a key role in the restoration of a conference centre that was transformed through the usage of a decorative epoxy floor coating system.

Following a successful conversion and restoration project, Durban is now home to a new Conference Centre, which will be used to host a variety of regional conferences and functions. Vuka Floors is proud to have been part of the construction of this prestigious facility.

Decorative epoxy flooring was used throughout most of the Conference Centre as aesthetics played a key role in the construction of this project. Vuka Impact, decorative, power trowelled epoxy floor coating system, was the system of choice. This particular product is a popular choice for many facilities requiring an attractive, resilient and robust surface with an impervious finish. All expansion and construction joints within the concrete were mirrored through the Vuka Impact system and sealed with Vuka Flex joint sealant.

The Vuka Impact system is comprised of a pre-selected blend of coloured quartz, power trowelled into an epoxy system that is later sealed with a variety of finishes available. Besides the striking decorative possibilities, the floor surface is seamless, hard wearing and chemically resistant.

Vuka Floors was involved from the very beginning – from the design stage – and throughout the projects’ developments which eventually culminated in the installation of their products. Single source responsibility backed by high quality manufactured products and experienced in-house installation teams give Vuka Floors the edge over their competitors.