Resin floors specified for store refurbishment

by Tania Wannenburg
Flowcrete Meadowdale Mall Jnl 2 16

Gauteng Mall chooses resin flooring due to the numerous benefits it offers the retail environment.

When it comes to retail locations selling food and beverages, the installed flooring has to fulfil specific requirements such as being able to facilitate a clean, efficient and visually appealing space. These properties also need to be maintained in the face of large bodies of people, frequent cleaning and exposure to the organic acids, sugars and other corrosives found in the foodstuffs.

These challenges were exemplified at Gauteng’s Meadowdale Mall recently when two stores were refurbished. Both of the stores consist of public facing spaces and back of house floor areas with a variety of specialist resin systems, tailored to meet the above demands.

The butchery store, Meat World, installed 550m² of the seamless epoxy resin terrazzo system, Mondéco Earth, in a coconut colour in its shop front. It was important that this floor constantly conveyed a sanitary and decorative appearance to attract customers and reassure them of the location’s quality. Mondéco Earth was chosen due to its ability to combine attractive aesthetics with an easy to clean finish that would help to keep the floor looking its best.

To avoid bacteria build up in its back of house area, Meat World also installed 1 000m² of the antimicrobial enhanced floor finish, Flowfresh RT. Flowfresh has been designed to create an ultra-hygienic surface that actively minimises the risk of contamination incidents. The aspects of this polyurethane system that makes it fit-for-purpose in such an environment include its ability to combine a seamless, impervious and highly durable finish with coving, colours and stainless steel drainage.

To ensure that the floor area is protected against dirt, germs and grime as much as possible, every Flowfresh finish includes the antibacterial agent Polygiene, which gives it the ability to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria that comes in contact with the floor.

The Meadowdale Mall’s Apple Tree supermarket also specified and installed the abovementioned flooring systems to ensure that the surfaces in each part of its site would be up to the task at hand.

In the shopping area of the store, Apple Tree needed a floor that would work with the brand’s design scheme while at the same time be robust enough to withstand the scuffs, scrapes and stains that a high level of foot traffic, exposure to food produce and heavily laden trolleys would inevitably inflict on the floor.

1 250m² of Mondéco Earth was installed in Apple Tree’s public facing areas. Flint and granite aggregates were added into the pomegranate coloured resin system to create an eye-catching, glittering effect. Over 1 000m² of Flowfresh flooring was applied in the back of house areas. This included 700m² of Flowfresh RT (6mm) in light blue and 350m² of a signal green Flowfresh MF (4mm).

Due to the durability of these systems, Meat World and Apple Tree will be able to maintain aesthetically pleasing, functional and hygienic floors for an extended period of time.

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