Resin flooring screeds are gaining popularity in the commercial and residential sector, as it has become a very trendy decorative alternative application to usual screeds or polished concrete.

Some of the reasons for resin gaining popularity include:

  • Unprotected concrete is not durable enough to handle high-traffic areas or chemical environments. Resin-modified screeds are very durable and a valuable improvement in the performance of traditional cement screeds and polished concrete.
  • The resin micro-screeds are thin on the ground but provide unparalleled choices with regard to colours and finished effects. Applications are done in very thin layers of 3mm to 10mm, but it still delivers high-end durability and aesthetics.
  • Technical Finishes has a wide variety of versatile flooring finishes. This has been expanded with the addition of a bespoke range of decorative self-levelling screeds, combining theultimate in decor appeal with exceptional functional performance. 

Bespoke range of decorative screeds

The new range includes:

  1. Marble-Stone TZ (High Performance 6-8mm Terrazzo Flooring System): This has a decorative terrazzo finish of industrial strength and performance. This resin-modified cement with a decorative terrazzo finish has industrial strength and performance, is impact and abrasion-resistant, a ready-to-use blend of hardwearing marble chip aggregate and selected additives.
  2. Nanoscreed HD (Decorative Colour Cement Floor Overlay Finish): A decorative, pigmented, two-component, polymer cement-based floor overlay screed system that results in an attractive floated concrete look and a unique mottled finish. Nanoscreed HD is versatile, durable and economical.
  3. Marble-Flow SL (Decorative Liquid Marble Resin Flooring System): Being a new-generation pigmented, three-component decorative resin cement-based floor finishing screed, it provides a smooth finish that is ready to be sealed approximately 12 hours after laying. It adheres well to concrete, sand, cement screeds and cement-based patching compounds.
  4. Liquid-Stone SL (3-4mm Decorative Resin Cement Flooring System): Liquid-Stone SL is a decorative resin, cement-based and self-levelling with the hardness of natural stone. It produces a tough, durable and seamless floor finish. Another benefit is its high abrasion and chemical resistance, with a uniquely attractive minimalistic appeal.

With flooring options like these and a myriad more, contact Technical Finishes:
Tel: +27 11 822 7242

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