Renovating with cement finishes

by Tania Wannenburg
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Renovating with cement finishes? Read this application, colour and maintenance advice first.

Cement finishes are a popular choice for many renovation projects. Cemcrete addresses the types of cement finishes and application considerations to guide design professionals during their next renovation project.

Application considerations
The installation process is not a quick or easy alternative to generic finishes such as tiles or carpet. Cement-based finishes take time to apply and as a result last a life time. Cemcrete products are hand applied by trained independent contractors. What adds to the unique aspect of this product is that each hand has its own technique and character.

Type of finish to use when renovating
Cemcrete offers a skim-on floor coating called CreteCote that can be used either on floor slabs or on top of existing tiles for renovation projects. CreteCote produces a smooth decorative finish with subtle mottling for interior surfaces.

Cement finishes for exterior areas
Cemcrete offers finishes durable enough to be used for outdoor areas. Colour Hardener is supplied in a dry powder that is sprinkled onto wet, new screeds and wood floated in, essentially becoming part of your floor screed. It is a granolithic concrete material that strengthens and colours concrete floors. Colour Hardener allows you to create a flow from indoors to out, allowing you to extend your indoor living spaces and is also an ideal finish for exposed exterior floors or swimming pool surround.

Maintaining the cement finish
Once installed and finished off with the correct sealer, your new cement-based finish is very easy to clean and maintain. A good quality sealer is applied to help resist water, stains, dirt and abrasives. Cemcrete offers a CreteCare range of floor maintenance products, making caring for your cement floor that much easier.

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