Renovating ceilings without affecting acoustic performance

by Ofentse Sefolo
Renovating ceilings without affecting acoustic performance

With a long track record and numerous successful projects for prestigious companies around the country, Ceilspray has proven its success in renovating acoustic ceilings without affecting the acoustic performance.

This has been a long-standing problem that property owners and anyone in the refurbishment business would be aware of, because applying a normal paint coating to an acoustic ceiling may seem like the obvious solution, but it destroys its acoustic performance – simply because the fissures in the ceiling panels that provide its acoustic properties become filled with paint.

Furthermore, normal painting procedures cause the ceiling tiles and the supporting T-strips to stick to one another, thereby making it impossible to do the usual maintenance work inside the ceiling without destroying it all together.

An effective system
“Rigorous tests on Ceilspray’s system have been carried out by an independent test authority using several different types of ceiling boards and tiles, and our unique system passed with flying colours, having little or no effect on the acoustic quality of the original ceiling once it has been refurbished,” says Ceilspray’s chief executive officer, Barries Barnard.

“The Ceilspray process is equally effective on the vinyl ceiling tiles, making it a great option for restoring the pristine look of any ceiling type,” he adds.

An old, stained ceiling.

No disruption
Another benefit is that Ceilspray’s trained operatives mask off the entire room that needs to be sprayed – without the need for the removal of furniture or equipment.

The coating application takes very little time and work can usually be carried out after normal working hours or over weekends, without any disruption to staff or their work programmes. “It is even possible to leave the pens, paper and vases of flowers on the desks!” Barnard points out.

“Although the cost of the Ceilspray system application is slightly more expensive than traditional cleaning processes, it is substantially less than replacing the ceiling, which is often the only alternative to regain the pristine look and original acoustic performance,” he explains. “In addition, the fact that the area is cleared and ready for operation in a matter of hours – without any disruption – is a major indirect cost saving.”

Contact Ceilspray to find out more about this unique refurbishment system for acoustic ceilings.

Tel: 082 324 3338 / 079 472 0911
Email: sales@ceilspray.co.za
Website: www.ceilspray.co.za

Main image: A good-as-new ceiling after being sprayed overnight, with no interruptions to business operations.

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