Remix plant protected by top products

by Ofentse Sefolo
Remix plant protected by top products

South Africa has been under water constraints for years because of water wastage, increased water demand and drought so there is a need to stabilise our water with an emphasis on re-using water. A first-of-its-kind remix plant has been built at the eThekwini wastewater treatment works in Durban to establish the advantages of remix technology and the feasibility of large-scale implementation, and Sika South Africa products were crucial to the project.

Stefanutti Stocks Coastal, an engineering construction contractor, undertook the task of constructing the remix plant, a 6.25Ml/d water treatment facility using a remix system by Hitachi, a digital solutions conglomerate. The system uses direct potable re-use water and combines it with desalinated seawater with the aim of accomplishing 30% energy saving compared to existing desalination systems.

Sika products protecting the system
The walls and floors of the bund, a containment structure around an area where hazardous liquids are stored, and the main holding tank were:
• Primed using Sikafloor* – 161 primer
• Coated with Sikafloor – 161 Extend -T filling blow holes and imperfections
• Coated with a 3-layer chemical resistant system of Sikagard*- 63N
The main factory floor and storage room floors were:
• Treated with Sikafloor – 161 Primer
• Coated with the 1mm thick Sikafloor – 263 SL self-levelling floor system
All floor joints were:
• Primed with Sika* Primer-3N
• Sealed using Sikaflex* PRO-3 i-cure
Separation tanks were:
• Treated with Sikalastic* 152 as a waterproofing and protection system

For more information, contact Sika:
Tel: 031 792 6500
Website: https://zaf.sika.com

*Sikafloor, Sikagard, Sikaflex, Sika and Sikalastic are Registered Trademarks

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