Register to vote in the 2016 Municipal Elections

by Tania Wannenburg
Elections Jnl 1 16

Register 5-6 March to vote in the 2016 Municipal Elections and keep your town in your hands.

“Our hands mend what’s broken, they heal, help, they motivate, they communicate, our hands teach, train and feed young brains, and whether they build, teach or heal, our hands are always shaping our tomorrow. That’s why this year I am using mine to vote.”

This short yet very effective advert from the Electoral Commission of South Africa is appealing to the public to register in order to vote in the 2016 Municipal Elections.

To ensure you can voice your opinion and cast your vote, register to vote 5 – 6 March from 5am to 8pm. If you registered to vote in the 2014 National & Provincial Elections, you do not have to register again to vote in the 2016 Municipal Elections unless you have moved or your voting district boundaries have changed. Check your registration details at http://bit.ly/1WZzFyb

Where and when to register
Apply for registration during office hours at the local Electoral Commission office responsible for your voting district, or register to vote on special registration days (often called registration weekends, of which one is scheduled for 5 and 6 March 2016).

If you would like to register at your local Electoral Commission office, please always call first to make an appointment as electoral staff are often out of office to conduct voter education in their communities closer to election times. To find out where your correct voting station is, please go to http://maps.elections.org.za/vsfinder/

Keep your town in your hands and register to vote 5-6 March 2016.

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