Refurbishment relies on unique product systems

by Darren
Sika Jnl 4 15

Refurbishment relies on specified products to ensure that the client’s needs are fulfilled in accordance with the varying spaces.

Recently, an internationally approved flooring system was supplied by Sika for a large underground rehabilitation project.

When Nedbank Refurbishment Works requested maintenance for the bank’s basement and generator room floors, Sika representative Chad Tosen specified Sikafloor-263 SL ZA, a two-part, multi-purpose binder based on epoxy resin. Its many approvals include certificates for particle emission and outgassing emissions – important factors for a closed-environment project such as this one.

Industrial flooring specialists Seal Con Systems were awarded the contract. The floor areas were primed with Sikafloor-161, a two-part, solvent-free epoxy resin for normal to strong absorbent substrates. Its low viscosity also allows for good penetration while excellent bond strength is achieved. It may also be used as a binder for levelling mortars and mortar screeds and as an intermediate layer.

After the advantageous short waiting times of Sikafloor-161, the floors were coated with Sikafloor-263 SL ZA (colour RAL 7036) to a thickness of 1mm. This highly fillable, self-smoothing and broadcast system is liquid-proof and provides good chemical and mechanical resistance. Sikafloor-263 SL ZA is suitable for concrete and cement screeds with normal to medium-heavy wear and the broadcast system is recommended for multi-storey and underground car parks.

Overcoming the cold environment in the basement areas proved challenging as it was critically important to ensure adequate product flow. Upon completion of the project, the areas covered were in excess of 3 500m². However, despite the cold conditions, this economical Sika flooring system was easy to install, giving Nedbank peace of mind that the bank’s underground areas have been sealed with products of the highest quality.

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