Reflective roof paint for a bright new look

by Ofentse Sefolo
Reflective roof paint for a bright new look

Whether renovating, looking to make an exciting change, or aiming to express some flare and individuality on a new building, Kansai Plascon’s Nuroof Cool paint offers attractive decorative properties together with excellent protective functions and environmental sustainability.
Available in a wide range of colours, Nuroof Cool can be matched to common roof colours as well as modern, fashionable hues to create any look. All colours are based on the best non-fading pigments to ensure that they remain true for many years to come. This technology ensures consistent colour where building alterations have been made or when opting for a vibrant colour change.

And a fresh appearance is not the only benefit – Nuroof Cool adds considerable value and durability to any property, from homes to commercial buildings.

The value lies in the formulation that was specifically developed for local conditions. The paint provides resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays, which typically break down many surfaces in South Africa’s harsh climate, and light stabilisers that assist with colour retention. Nuroof Cool also protects galvanised iron roofs from corrosion.

Further equipping developers and building owners to be more proactive in environmental sustainability, Nuroof Cool is compliant with environmental conscious building regulations.

By reflecting 30% of the invisible infrared light off roof surfaces, it mirrors the sun’s heating energy back into the atmosphere through greenhouse gases, helping to reduce the temperature in cities. It also reduces the temperature of building interiors by up to 8°C. This, in turn, allows for potential lower energy consumption within the space during warm summer months.

In fact, exposure testing showed that reduced surface temperatures lower degradation, which promote a longer roof life and lessens the need to repaint as often. This is why Plascon Nuroof Cool’s 12 year quality guarantee gives both architects and building owners peace of mind.

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