Reducing the carbon footprint of high traffic floors

by Madelein
Reducing the carbon footprint of high traffic floors

While iTe Products is well-established in creating flooring solutions that can resist the impact of large numbers of feet, it has continued to focus on reducing the carbon footprint of its products. The introduction of their range of “green” GRIPiTe VOC-free adhesives illustrates commitment to improving the immediate environment for installers and end users of floors. While this was an important step forward, the company recognises that there is much more to be done.

Making cement products greener
The manufacture of cement is a known contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, both through the chemical processes involved and the combustion of fossil fuels that create the energy required.

The company took a step back and reviewed the entire production process – from manufacturing to delivery – of their core product, iTe Cement, to make it more sustainable. To start the process of reducing the product’s carbon emissions wherever possible, the company introduced greater operational efficiencies at every stage, sourced raw materials locally wherever possible and implemented smarter logistics planning technology to reduce the distances driven to deliver the product, thereby reducing its carbon footprint.

Environmental benefits
Years of extensive research and development have also led to iTe Cement using less water during production and the product is known for generating less dust, meaning that it is safe and more pleasant to use – an often-overlooked factor when it comes to sustainable manufacturing and use. The benefits of this greener approach to making and working with cement have also been extended to products such as DURALiTe and PATCHiTe.

For more information on the company’s range of cementitious products, and how you can reduce the environmental impact of your flooring or construction project by using them, contact iTe Products today.

For more information, contact iTe Products on Tel: +27 (11) 864 4918 or via www.iteproducts.co.za.

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