Reducing energy demand

Cool roofs, also known as high-albedo or white roofs, possess remarkable heat-reflective properties. They reflect over 65% of the sun’s rays compared to conventional roofs’ meagre 15%.  

By incorporating special reflective materials, typically in white coatings, cool roofs combat the urban heat island effect, curbing thermal impact on the microclimate and local environment. 

Sika provides cutting-edge cool roof solutions, including highly reflective thermoplastic and liquid-applied membranes and coatings, offering a spectrum of benefits over their extensive lifespan. 

Beyond efficiency 

The advantages of cool roofs extend beyond energy efficiency, to include: 

  • Enhanced occupant comfort. 
  • Reduced reliance on mechanical air-conditioning. 
  • Mitigating heat-related risks. 
  • Augmenting roof durability and aesthetics.  


Reducing energy demand

Cool roofs reflect over 65% of the sun’s rays compared to conventional roofs’ 15%.


Sika’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their ISO 14001 certified production facilities, where roofing membranes and systems are crafted. A comprehensive lifecycle assessment (LCA) underscores their dedication to sustainable construction, evaluating the energy and carbon footprint, durability, reflectance, recycling and air pollution aspects. 

Tools are available to gauge the performance of Sika’s cool roof solutions versus traditional dark roofs, factoring in the project location, energy rates and membrane soiling over time. The estimations showcase energy savings and investment break-even points. 

Recognising their multifaceted benefits, green building certification systems such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) endorse cool roofs, underscoring their value to communities, the environment and building owners.  


Issue: Reducing energy demand and indoor temperatures. 

Solution: With Sika’s membranes and coatings, the benefits of cool roofs become a reality. 


For more information, contact Sika: 

Tel: +27 31 792 6500 



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