Entrances to commercial buildings, require protection against outside dirt and contamination to ensure their longevity and to minimise unnecessary maintenance costs.

Matting formats

MasterMat offers different solutions for entrances:

  • Customised mats – generally fitted into matwells.
  • Standard sizes – generally loose-lay, with ramp edges to prevent trip hazards.

Three-zone system

Matting systems are designed for a three-zone system. Each zone type is geared to protect against the different types of dirt found in that zone or brought in by pedestrians.

Zone 1Zone 2Zone 3
External area immediately outside the building.Covered area as you enter the building.Area inside the building.
Ultraviolet (UV)-stable and weather-resistant matting of a scraping nature designed to remove small stones, dirt and mud.Typically, a combination of brush, rubber and textile designed to remove additional dirt, dust and some moisture.Final dirt and moisture removal before entering the building.

The ideal solution is to use a combination of the three matting systems, preferably covering a six-to-eight metre length to deliver optimal cleaning. Each zone’s matting should also be carefully maintained to ensure optimal functionality and should be included in the initial specification.

Top tip: MasterMat offers different matting solutions for the three-zone system to provide optimal dirt protection for floors in commercial buildings.

Matting types

Matting types include:

  • Aluminium with rubber, brush, carpet or a combination thereof.
  • Loop pile.
  • Scrub and scrape.
  • Textile and scrub.
  • Cleaning textile options.

These MasterMat types cover all the zones required for a commercial building. Please contact a Kirk branch to request samples and the advice of an expert on the ideal matting solution for your specific building requirements.

For more information, contact Kirk:

Tel: 27 (11) 444 1441

Email: sales@kirk.co.za Website:http://kirk.co.za

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