Siniat has re-developed its high-tolerance ceiling grids to be lighter, yet stronger than ever before. Fewer materials are used, so the end-products are more sustainable and more cost-effective.

Siniat MasterGrid Suspended Ceiling Grid and Siniat MasterGrid Plaster Ceiling Grid are the ideal solutions for ceiling construction projects.

Better than ever

Generally, both main and cross-tee sections used in ceiling grid designs have been the same size to maintain the ceiling’s anti-sag properties when used with heavy ceiling tiles and boards. With the MasterGrid range, the trend of lighter board weights has been considered and the tee sections redesigned to be slightly lower in height than that of the main tee section. This technique enables the product to withstand the required weight loadings, while fewer materials are used in the production process.

A cost-effective, sustainable product

Thanks to a reduction in input materials, MasterGrid systems are better priced per square metre than most equivalents. This saving is passed down to the end-user, who benefits from a superior, more cost-effective product.

Siniat aims to use steel sensibly by reducing the production input. The steel employed in the production of MasterGrid products is sustainably sourced and residual steel is recycled. Steel is an infinitely recyclable material with a wide range of applications, which means that this ultimately contributes to Siniat’s effort in making a minimal impact on the planet.

Furthermore, the reduced height reduces the weight of each packaged box. Consequently, more square metres per ton can be transported, which is contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.

Accuracy, guaranteed

Constructing an exposed ceiling grid requires extremely accurate materials. As separate grids must clip together, an intolerance of as little as 0,5mm can lead to creep and consequently, a skew result. Produced with high-tech equipment imported from Italy, the MasterGrid range is made with high tolerances completely ruling out inconsistencies.

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