Redecorate homes with ceramics

by Ofentse Sefolo
Redecorate homes with ceramics

With most individuals staying home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they may be thinking about giving their house a makeover. High-quality ceramic tiles that are versatile and long-lasting, should be on top of the list to do the job. Ceramic is an extremely healthy material that does not emit noxious substances, has low porosity, is resistant to moisture, repels dirt, avoids mould and germ build-up, and is fire-resistant.

This type of floor and wall tile maintains its appearance over lengthy periods and can be used anywhere in the house to spruce up a space, having infinite possibilities when it comes to design. The vast array of ceramic tiles will allow you and your clients to personalise their space in the way they want. However, before committing to a renovation, keep in mind these aspects to make the best decisions when redecorating a house.

Measure the light
Ceramic tiles take advantage of everything relating to light including the intensity, direction, quality and colour. It is giving a space greater prominence, accentuating its beauty and providing us with a sense of comfort.

Experiment with colour
Before committing to a chromatic combination, you should visualise the results you are looking for, picking shades that would best adapt to your clients’ needs and will highlight the style they wish to have in a space.

Playing with reliefs
Ceramic tiles with reliefs are an important element to consider when you want to generate sensations. Visual effects provided by reliefs allow for movement, and reliefs paired with plain colours go well together, transforming a space into something unique.

Exploring new formats
Ceramic tiles offer endless formats including hexagonal, picket style, trapeze, rhombus and fish scales. The combination of different formats allows you to customise and personalise any space, thanks to the variety in colours and installation style options.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to ASCER for the information in this article.

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