Clay bricks and pavers have a lifespan of more than 200 years. When demolishing existing structures and walls on a construction site, contractors can reclaim clay masonry to use in new building projects or to sell on.

The weathered look that old bricks provide is almost impossible to get artificially. Thus recycled bricks are in great demand for certain types of architecture, or to replace pavers or brick in historic buildings. Damaged bricks can be chipped and used in landscaping, or crushed to replace aggregate or sand.

Recycling keeps bulky bricks out of the landfill and saves waste handling and transport. Recycled clay bricks provide low-income communities with inexpensive, good quality building materials.

There are limitless ways in which the bricks can be recycled. As a builder or contractor, recycling the bricks isn’t just an economic opportunity, it also reduces the new building’s carbon footprint and earns green building credentials. Given their attractive appearance and durability – bricks are good insulators, pest resistant and fireproof – it is not surprising that clay masonry remains a popular construction material.

For more information, contact the Clay Brick Association of South Africa:
Tel: +27 11 805 4206

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