Recycled Rugs drives sustainability

by Madelein
Recycled Rugs drives sustainability

Sustainability is no longer a “future” issue – it is here and now.

Consumer consciousness and environmental responsibility both demand that the choices we offer to the final customer include a plethora of options centred around sustainability.

Sharda is the industry leader in using recycled materials to manufacture rugs, while being fully compliant with both social and environmental audit requirements, earning their factory a certified Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certification.

The following materials are the most important ones used in the sustainable manufacturing of rugs:

  1. Recycled denim.
  2. Recycled water bottles made of PET.
  3. Recycled leather scrap.
  4. Recycled rubber tubes from bicycles.
  5. Recycled fabric waste and silk waste.

Take a look at the beautiful designs and products made possible by recycled denim. It is interesting how faded denim jeans can be turned into something so functional and gorgeous: https://bit.ly/3ETQO9b

For more information contact The Rug Republic:
Email: support@trrhome.com
Website: www.trrb2b.com

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