Leading South African steel contractor, Cadcon, was extremely proud to be part of the flagship Pick n Pay Distribution Centre in Eastport, Gauteng. The project’s remarkable achievements stand as a testament to its’ pioneering use of steel in an awe-inspiring logistics hub. 

 A roof designed for growth 

The facility, which is bigger than 160 000m², incorporates expansion plans and future customer demand. It significantly increased stock deliveries to stores while being able to hold slower moving lines – giving customers an extensive, but tailored, product range without additional distribution costs. 

Steel Roof

The project redefines long-span design possibilities, with a column span of 32m in width and roof spans of 280m in length.

 Record setting 

This is the largest single-phase warehousing development in South Africa. Able to house approximately 14 rugby fields under its massive roof, the Dry Goods building spans approximately 280m at its widest part. This feat was awarded the Guinness World Record for the longest roof span covered by a single metal sheet of 280m 

The project was also recognised at the 2023 South African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) Steel Awards for: 

  • Best regional project in Gauteng. 
  • Factory, warehousing and metal cladding category winner. 
  • Innovation and sustainability category winner. 

The steel roof structure 

The standout feature of this project is its incredible long-span design. With a column span boasting 32m in width and roof spans that exceed the length of two rugby fields, this facility redefines the possibilities of long-span structures. 

The structural steel roof framing is exaggerated through the use of continuous double-radiused roof sheets over the roof monitors, and it creates seamless and gentle lines to soften the large architectural form of the industrial typology. Fabricated and installed over a six-month period, the softly curved roof frames on the various buildings total approximately 3 400T of steel. 

Issue: Delivering the largest single-phase warehousing development in South Africa.

Solution: Teamwork was essential for problem solving and adapting to the unique challenges posed by the project. 

For more information, contact Cadcon: 

Tel: +27 12 664 6134 

Email: info@cadcon.co.za  

Website: https://www.cadcon.co.za/ 

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