Ready-to-use concrete for smaller projects

by Ofentse Sefolo
Ready-to-use concrete for smaller projects

Understanding the difficulties of delivering and handling bulk sand and stone in high-density residential developments, the Lafarge Readymix team recently launched the revolutionary EkhayaBag product range.
A first for the South African construction market, the EkhayaBag range is an ideal solution for smaller projects, with convenient quantities of premixed mortar and concrete delivered to site in bags, ready to use. No additional water or mixing is required, avoiding wastewater run-off into residential drains, and there are no unsightly piles of sand and stone, resulting in cleaner job sites.

“The EkhayaBag’s name is derived from the isiZulu term ‘Ekhaya’, meaning ‘At home’. It is at the heart of our company’s ambition to provide solutions for ‘Building better communities’,” says Aeysha Lalla, construction specialist at Lafarge. “By combining our global building material experience with a deep concern for the needs of our local communities, we keep innovation at the forefront of our business.”

One EkhayaBag contains 0,5m3 (500 litres), or approximately 1 200kg of product. To know how many bags to order, calculate the volume of concrete required in cubic metres (length x width x thickness) and divide the result by 0,5m3. To calculate the amount of mortar, it depends on the type and size of masonry unit being used: a convenient chart obtainable from Lafarge will indicate the required quantity of mortar.

The EkhayaBag products conform to the requirements of the National Home Builders Registration Council and the materials used comply with all the relevant SANS specifications in line with the standard high-quality building material products from Lafarge South Africa.

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The EkhayaBag product:
•    EkhayaBag concrete
Available in two grades, the concrete remains workable for up to six hours to ensure customers have ample time to place and finish the concrete:
–    The 20MPa grade is formulated for non-structural applications such as domestic foundations, garage and house floors.
–    The 30MPa grade is a structural concrete, which can be used for industrial floors, concrete walls and columns.

•    EkhayaBag mortar
Used for laying masonry units such as bricks, blocks and stone, this mortar may be ordered in any of three workability grades to suit the customer’s project programme:
–    The 12-hour mix is for use on the same day.
–    The 24-hour mix can be left overnight for use the next day.
–    The 48-hour workable mix can be used over two days.

•    EkhayaBag Artevia™ Colour
A range of pigmented decorative concrete in sandstone, mahogany and charcoal colour tones, this product is ideal for indoor or outdoor floors, as well as driveways, braai areas, swimming pool surrounds and patios. It is a strong, low-maintenance concrete with integral colour pigment that will not fade or wear off.

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Designed for smaller projects, convenient quantities of premixed mortar and concrete are delivered to site in the EkhayaBag, ready to use.

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