Re-energised technical and training department

by Madelein
Re-energised technical and training department

Since the inception of FloorworX Africa (Pty) Ltd – founded in South Africa during 1953 and initially known as Marley Flooring – the company has always offered technical support and training to the flooring industry. This function was part of the sales division, with a split responsibility that had for some time been under the stewardships of Roy Sinclair, who handled resilient ranges, whilst Peter Geyer and Steven Suntups took care of wood and laminate products.

All three have excelled in their area of expertise by contributing meaningfully to the programmes offered to the industry, internally and externally, leaving an impressionable footprint. Peter retired recently, handing over to Sakkie Pretorius. Despite their sterling work, it was acknowledged that there has never been a greater need than now to place more emphasis on technical and skills development, especially in view of the current plight in the industry. This stimulated a chain of events that not only recognised the importance of revitalising this area of the business, but also a significant need to re-establish this as a completely independent division that warranted major change.

Further change was initiated with the promotion and appointment of Shane Hinchliffe as the new National Technical and Training Manager effective 01 January 2018, supported by Roy Sinclair and Steven Suntups, who will continue to add value with their considerable knowledge, experience and expertise. Shane will assume full responsibility for the complete transformation of this important cog in the FloorworX establishment, with the primary aim being to expand and formalise existing structures to meet future challenges and position the division on an upward trajectory.

“Although our current training programmes are relatively comprehensive and meet most FITA and SAWLFA requirements, our vision is to address and refine some areas in order to add a slightly more educational flavour with practical learning,” says Shane. “Programmes will be flexible and designed to accommodate various levels of competency and can be hosted in established training facilities or on-site under real conditions.”

The overall objective with the FloorworX Technical and Training division is to have an all-encompassing, re-energized department that not only embraces external or industry training nationally, but also further focuses on adding value to the sales team by affording them continuous technical support, bolstered by comprehensive technical manuals that offer clear and precise product information. The division’s modus operandi will also experience a major facelift with specialised and structured training being conducted throughout the different geographical regions – not just confined to Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban as in the past. Now training will be more convenient and accessible for all service providers in the flooring industry.

“Technical and training matters have always been close to my heart and with the new direction the FloorworX Technical Division is taking, I know we will be able to branch out further into South African soil and equip the workforce on a national basis now even better than ever,” says Roy Sinclair, FloorworX Technical Advisor.

“As chairman of SAWLFA, I pride myself on superior technical support and specialised training on- and off-site. I am very excited about what lies ahead this year in terms of FloorworX expanding its footprint in training and technical support to the South African building industry,” adds Steve Suntups, FloorworX Sales Manager and Chairman of SAWLFA.

The current training schedule includes regional programmes throughout the year. Roy Sinclair can be contacted on 011 406 4024 or 082 823 4844 for more information about the training programmes.

For more information, contact FloorworX on Tel: +27 (31) 275 1900 or via technical@floorworx.co.za.

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