Advances in design, research and technology are forever altering many aspects of daily life, and these advances have now been adopted by the paint industry to deliver radically new innovations in products, functionality and purposes.

1. Celour Sequesters

Celour is a carbon-capturing paint that was created to help anyone participate in the removal of carbon dioxide from their daily lives. Created by design graduate Kukbong Kim, the paint is useful for removing 27g of CO₂ for every 135g of paint used; as the designer describes: “This is the same amount of carbon dioxide that a normal tree absorbs per day.”

The indoor-outdoor paint is made from waste concrete powder, a material that’s left over from concrete recycling and tends to have a detrimental effect on the local ecosystems. Ultimately, Kim is on a mission to make the carbon-capturing properties of the paint so strong that it actually neutralises the carbon footprint of the cement it is made from.

2. BEHR Paint and Zillow’s Paint Palette

When it comes to selling a home, sellers usually opt for certain colours. Thanks to a new collaboration, BEHR Paint and Zillow are taking the guesswork out of choosing the right ones.

The partnering companies curated a palette of welcoming colours that are specifically designed to enhance a buyer’s first impression and could ultimately increase the return on investment of the home.

Based on a 2021 Zillow-commissioned paint analysis of almost 1 300 recent or prospective United States home buyers, a palette of BEHR colours was created – and working with these colours has the potential to increase the price a buyer is willing to offer on a home by nearly $5 000.

The twelve-colour palette includes light neutrals, versatile greys and warm whites, plus blues that are popular in bedrooms and bathrooms.

3. The DIP Little Dipper

DIY style and home improvement brand DIP (Design Is Personal) is introducing the DIP Little Dipper pouches to help customers make sure they are falling in love with the right shades before they commit to a larger purchase. The system provides a small portion of paint from any colour, so that people can get an accurate representation of what a fresh paint colour will look like in the home. Unlike sample cards that can be unreliable, this option makes it easy to see the colour in different settings and at different times of the day.

The brand is also debuting the first-ever paint gallon in a recyclable bag, the DIP Big Dipper, to help reduce wasted paint and offer an alternative to paint cans that are troublesome to recycle.

We thank Trend Hunter for the information used in this article.

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