Quick skirting over flooring

by Madelein
Quick skirting over flooring

Composite wood and foiled skirting options can be damaged by normal cleaning methods associated with tiles and resilient flooring. These flooring types are commonly exposed to large amounts of cleaning liquid which can cause swelling with composite skirting, while the foils on other skirting types can also be compromised.

Many flooring contractors have expressed the need for a skirting that is suitable for home, office and commercial projects, one that is robust enough to withstand damage from water and cleaning products. Kirk Marketing’s M.Skirting PVC skirting and accessory range fits the bill and offers numerous benefits. The design is printed directly into the PVC, making it 100% safe against possible damage from moisture and cleaning liquids.

The accessories can be used in external and internal corners as well as end pieces and connectors where lengths need to be adjoined. The skirtings look natural with no visible screw heads thanks to hidden areas for screw fixings. Not only do these accessories speed up the installation process, no specialised tools are required to install the skirting, so flooring fitters will spend less time cutting and filling to complete installations.

The range is offered in three skirting designs, the 60 Series Econo (60x23mm), 62 Series (62x24mm) and 95 Series (95x24mm). The 60 Series is a 2-part system where the top half of the skirting is pressed in after the bottom half is screw-fixed to the wall. The 62 Series and 95 Series have a hidden fixing channel in the centre. The 62 Series is only available in White, while the 95 Series is available in nine trendy colours.

For your next project, use one skirting over multiple flooring types and speed up installation with secure fixing methods and hidden fixings.

For more information, contact Kirk on +27(11) 444 1441 or via www.kirk.co.za.

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