Quick, easy and effective decking revival

by Tania Wannenburg
Quick, easy and effective decking revival

FloorworX’s cleaning solution ensures your wooden decks are protected and free of contaminants.FloorworX has introduced a unique system that deep cleans your wooden deck along the grains of the wood to ensure that it is completely free of dust and algae, revitalising and preparing the deck for a new layer of lasting protection. The Bona Decking System solution consists of the innovative Bona PowerScrubber and the special Bona Deep Clean Solution. It is a compact, powerful scrubbing machine with two counter-rotating cylindrical brushes.

The brushes of the Bona PowerScrubber rotate in different directions to clean the deck along the grains of the wood, deep into the fibres. Unlike high-pressure patio cleaners, they do not leave any swirl marks and guarantee a superb surface ready for oiling. When used in conjunction with Bona Deep Clean Solution, the system removes the toughest dirt and grime from wooden decks with ease. The company also offers Bona Decking Oil, a vegetable oil based solution that seeps deep into the wood and gives robust protection to outdoor wooden decks all year round and reduces the effects of UV-radiation on wood.

The solutions from Floorworx were all developed with environmental sustainability and users’ health in mind. Craftsmen as well as home owners living on a Bona-protected floor can rest assured that the utmost care was taken to protect their safety and health.

Six steps to giving your deck a face lift
Step1: Flush deck with clean water from a hose
Step2: Fill Bona PowerScrubber with Bona Deep Clean Solution mixed with clean water (dilution 1:5)
Step3: Run Bona PowerScrubber along the grain of the wood
Step4: When all dirt and algae have been removed, flush the deck again with clean water
Step5: Leave to dry
Step6: Coat with Bona Decking Oil using a brush

The Bona PowerScrubber has been developed ergonomically for easy upright use and smooth movement along the floor. The Bona Deep Clean Solution and Bona Decking Oil are low in VOCs and odour. The Wood & Laminate Division at FloorworX and Sakkie Pretorius can be emailed at spretorius@floorworx.co.za for more information on the Bona solutions.

For more information, contact FloorworX on Tel: +27 (11) 406 4024 or via www.floorworx.co.za.

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